Soft Washing Services in Morganton, NC

Our P-40 comet soft washing machine can make your house and siding look brand new. If you’re a homeowner that wants to keep your home looking brand new, we are the professionals to call. We are the premier provider of soft washing services in Morganton, NC, and the surrounding towns. If you are Selling your home and want it to look its very best, we offer a sellers special package that not only will help you sell your home faster but be something that the buyer will appreciate. Our exterior house washing service is guaranteed to make your house look its best. Call today for a truly awesome cleaning experience.

What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is a cleaning technique that uses low-pressure water to safely clean exterior surfaces. This method also uses cleaning solutions to effectively kill mold, mildew, moss, bacteria, and other microorganisms. Due to the use of lower water pressure, this method is ideal for cleaning more the more fragile surfaces of your home’s exterior. These surfaces would be damaged if you used higher water pressure. Get your home’s exterior components looking fresh and new without the stress of pressure cleaning with house siding mildew removal services from Daniels Carpet Care.

Soft roof pressure washing not only keeps your home looking beautiful, but it also increases your roof and house’s lifespan, saves energy, and is eco-friendly. Most importantly, soft washing kills harmful bacteria, keeping you and your family happy and healthy.


There are numerous benefits of soft washing rather than pressure or power washing. Ultimately, it all depends on you and the needs of your property. Here are the top three reasons to consider professional soft washing services.

1. Reduces the Risk of Siding Damage Unlike pressure or power washing, one of the benefits of soft washing is that it doesn’t damage more fragile exterior surfaces. Certain surfaces are smore vulnerable to extreme heat and higher pressures, which makes it easy to cause damage with scrapers or a higher PSI. With our house softwash service, you’ll give your home’s exterior the gentle yet effective cleaning it needs.

2. Increases the Longevity of Your Roof Damage like lichen, fungi, and algae on your roof’s shingles will shorten the lifespan of your roof. Regular soft washing will help eliminate buildup and even Prevents moss from growing on your roof.

3 It simply makes your home look beautiful! Soft washing truly makes any home look beautiful and it also leaves it sanitized and safe for you and your family

We can make your home or business look new


Whether you’re buying or selling your home and want it to look new or you just want your home or business to look its best, Daniels Soft Wash Pros can help. Our soft washing service in Morganton, NC, can make your property look new. The dramatic difference you’ll see will be amazing. We will remove all the mold, mildew, and organics growing on your home and leave it clean sanitized and looking fresh and new. Call us today , you’ll be glad you did…

Service quality

We pre-rinse all of your flowerbeds, bushes and grass. We also rinse these items during and after your house washing.

We take the time to cover up all your electrical outlets, cameras, and any sensitive lighting

We blow off your sidewalks and driveway prior to cleaning and do a thorough rinse down after cleaning

We take the time to do it right. We will not overlook the little things. We will give you the best service and customer care in the industry. Your home will look like new. Give us a call today.

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