Air Duct Cleaning Services in Morganton, NC

We provide top-tier air duct cleaning services in Morganton, NC, and nearby areas.

Our air duct cleaning service helps provide our customers with a cleaner healthier home. Improving your air quality and reducing dust levels in your home goes a long way toward boosting your overall well-being.

At Daniels Carpet Care we understand that cleaning for health reasons is very important to many families with allergy problems. We are indoor air quality specialist that offer carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning and upholstery cleaning tackling all the components that lead to poor air quality in your home. Did you know The EPA has determined that indoor air quality can be worse than the outdoor air quality in many major cities? It’s true. Pollutants aren’t always easy to detect, but with Daniels Carpet Care’s air duct cleaning services, they can be easy to reduce in your home.

Service Overview

We take the time to cover your furniture and belongings when cleaning out ceiling vents.

If Vents need pressure washing we provide that has no extra charge

We use corner guards so our hoses do not scratch your walls

We always book for extra time than anticipated. Quite simply, we want to make sure that we have enough time to do each and every job correctly. We are committed to your satisfaction as a customer, and our air duct cleaners pledge to clean your ducts thoroughly the first time.

Service Quality

When booking any air duct service, we are dedicating a good portion of the day if not the entire day to give you the best service in the industry. Our crew will have prepared for your job. We require a $100 deposit that will be non-refundable for last minute cancellation or same morning cancelations. We can also just hold a deposit on your card. For the best air duct cleaning services in Morganton, NC, or nearby, get in touch with Daniels Carpet Care today.

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